Summary of Summit Community Church's Belief Summary

The Baptist Faith & Message 2000 is the Southern Baptist Convention’s statement of faith. It serves as a guide to Southern Baptist perspectives on issues ranging from the Scriptures, God, and salvation to education, religious liberty, and the family. While each autonomous Missouri Baptist church is free to create its own statement of faith, all Missouri Baptist churches agree to carry out their unique gospel ministries in accordance with the BF&M 2000.

What is a Missouri Baptist Church

A Missouri Baptist church is a local body of baptized followers of Jesus who voluntarily affiliate with the nearly 1800 churches of the Missouri Baptist Convention. Missouri Baptist churches are affiliated with the Missouri Baptist Convention. The MBC is affiliated with the national Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). By covenanting together in their faith, church members seek to extend the gospel message to the ends of the earth.

The Cooperative Program

The Cooperative Program (CP) is the funding process Southern Baptists have used since 1925 to support missions and evangelism at the state, national, and international levels. Through CP the mission of one church is extended to ministries that reach the lost, hungry, and hurting.